Hello my beautiful and wonderful followers. I don’t know how you would have stuck around for so long. I have been so absent from this site! I want you to know that I have been working hard on a new and more user-friendly (for me and you) website and this blog will no longer be what I use. For any information about booking a wedding, learning about my heart and my family, seeing up-to-date blog posts, and FAQ’s head over to www.Huff.Photography




Thank you so much, I love you all from the deepest most sincere place in my heart!



Kaitlyn Huff


oh my gosh oh my gosh ohmygosh. Can I just photograph all the engaged couples? But seriously though, these two make me so giddy about marriage! Engagement is such a sweet season of life and it’s such a joy to get to meet people in that time! Austin and Colleen are this power duo of wisdom, beauty, and cool. They exude love for one another and are going to rock at being a married couple

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Lace and Lovely Sessions

These are my version of boudoir photographs. They are sweet, romantic, and most importantly, authentic. No fancy touch ups, just embracing the beautiful skin we have all been give-flaws and all. I am passionate about making people comfortable. For those that know my story, you know that I am also a social worker with an emphasis in therapy and i am extremely driven to make the people I work with feel comfortable, vulnerable and validated. This is why I love making photographs like this. As women we often struggle with truly loving ourselves, and I find that when making these photographs together we are able to enter into a beautiful place of acceptance and vulnerability. (It’s almost my secret way of intertwining photography and therapy)

A lot of women ask me to take photos of them to give to their love on their wedding day or for valentines day. Others want them for themselves. Its all a gift.

If you are interested in booking a Lace and Lovely Session with me, please contact me via email or here and I will send you details about the sessions and booking availability!


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Our dear friends Zach and Steph just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. They asked us over for breakfast one morning and we ended up making beautiful photos of them in their home. Marriage has truly become one of my favorite things. I dont know if it’s because I’m feeling really settled into the good and bad of our marriage or what, but watching others enter into and celebrate milestones in marriage is truly truly a blessing! Joe and I look up to these two in many ways, they are solid in their love for one another and shared in their adventurous souls! It was a joy to make these photos and I hope you enjoy them:) zs preview-2-2pin thiszs preview-2pin thiszs preview-3-2pin thiszs preview-3pin thiszs preview-4-2pin thiszs preview-4pin thiszs preview-5pin thiszs preview-6-2pin thiszs preview-6pin thiszs preview-7-2pin thiszs preview-7pin thiszs preview-8-2pin thiszs preview-8pin thiszs preview-9-2pin thiszs preview-10-2pin thiszs preview-10pin thiszs preview-11-2pin thiszs preview-11pin thiszs preview-12pin thiszs preview-13pin thiszs preview-14pin thiszs preview-15pin thiszs preview-16pin thiszs preview-17pin thiszs preview-18pin thiszs preview-19pin thiszs preview-20pin thiszs preview-21pin thiszs preview-22pin thiszs previewpin this


John and Caitlyn. Thank you so much for having us photograph your perfect wedding day. It was so kind and brave of you to let a round 8.5 months pregnant lady take your photographs! It was truly a joy and a blessing to be a part of your wedding day. I feel as though everyone in the room would agree.  Your love is so genuine, sweet and pure and i am so excited that the two of you get to experience marriage together. It truly is the best! You both are beautiful and bound to have a wonderful life together!

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